• Pilsbūve is a Latvian construction company that uses modern-day technology, highly qualified and motivated personnel that believe in the value of quality workmanship.
  • Pilsbūve has been recognized as the best construction company by the Ventspils City Council Architecture review board.  Years of recognition:  1999, 2001., 2002., 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Pilsbūve is recognized as a ISO 9001:2008 quality management system company.
  • Pilsbūve has 85 employees.
  • Pilsbūve has received the Ventspils City Council letter of commendation for being the largest tax payer among construction companies in 2003, 2004 and 2005.  In 2006, Pilsbūve was the largest tax payer in the Kurzeme region in Latvia.


2nd Place for the Best Construction in the Restauration category.  “Amatu māja”, address:  Skolas iela 3, Ventspils.
1st Place for the Best Construction in the New Build category. Pārventa library, address Tārgales iela 4, Ventspils.

3rd Place for the Best Construction in the Reconstruction category.  Skolēnu jaunrades nams (Youth Creativity Centre) Maiznieku iela 11, Ventspils.
1st Place for the best Construction in the Restauration category.  Ventspils Order of Livonija Castle reconstruction 2nd round. 
Best Office Awards 2011 in the prestigious Moscow international competition.  Project implemented in cooperation with the INDIA Architecture Office.  Category:  Best International Project.
Special Award given by the jury for Energy Efficient Construction in Latvia.  Category:  Implementing Energy Efficiency in Historical Building Reconstruction.  Diploma

Recognition for Good Governance and Social Responsibility.  Category:  work environment improvement, business development and investment in the regional development of Kuldiga.

3rd Place for the Best Construction in Latvia.  Category:  Renovation and Increase in Energy Efficiency. Diploma

  • 2nd Place for the Best Construction in Latvia for our work as the only participating party in building and reconstruction.  Museum and Courtyard Reconstruction, Kūrmājas prospekts 16, Liepāja.  Category:  Renovation and Energy Efficiency Improvement.  Diploma
  • 2nd Place for the Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia.  Ventspils City Council Building, Jūras iela 36, Ventspils. Diploma

Pilsbūve Profile and History

PILSBŪVE, LLC. Registration Nr.  51203003021 (previously “BŪVE, LLC” registered under new name on 01.11.2004, was jointly established by the Ventspils Reconstruction and Construction Board and the Fishermans’ Union SRAU Construction Organization.  The company was registered in the Latvian Business Register on 11.03.1993.

Applying the knowledge and experience of technical engineers and craftsmen, we successfully entered into the open market.

Since 1993, Pilsbūve, LLC annually conducts restauration and construction projects in the Ventspils local history and arts museum buildings.

The most important criteria is identifying the best solution based on the condition of the builidngs and recommending work to be done. 

Main areas of work

Construction and management of public and industrial buildings, renovation, restauration, including water supply and sewage systems, heating and ventilation.

Pilsbūve clients include individuals and legal entities, including national and local government institutions.

Pilsbūve owns property on Kuldīgas iela 9, Lāčplēša iela 5 and other properties, which are used for work related to construction and restauration projects.

Pilsbūve has 85 employees, including a sizable number of engineers.

Work Ethic

At PILSBŪVE, our goal is to provide the greatest level of professionalism in our work, including oversight, supply of required equipment and installation according to the needs of our clients and Latvian legislation.

We work within a strict time frame and budget.

At Pilsbūve, we apply modern technology and use highly skilled staff that value quality workmanship.  The satisfaction of our clients is our guiding force to improve our systems and results.