SIA “PILSBŪVE”, registration no. 51203003021 (SIA "BŪVE" - previous name until re-registration in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia UR 01.11.2004), formed in 1993 by merging two specialized construction organizations - VENTSPILS REPAIR AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT and FISHING UNION SRAU construction organization. The company was registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on 11 February 1993.
Using the expertise and knowledge of engineering personnel, craftsman skills, began to operate under market conditions, which should be seen as a success.
Since 1993, PILSBŪVE Ltd. has been carrying out restoration and construction works every year at the construction sites of the Ventspils Historical and Art Museum.
The main criterion is the performance of works according to the condition of the building, offering the client the most optimal solutions.
The main activity of the company is: construction and maintenance of public, industrial, civil buildings, repair, restoration and renovation works, water supply and sewerage systems, construction of heat supply and ventilation systems, management and construction supervision.
The company's clients are natural and legal persons, state and municipal companies, who want to receive construction services.
The company owns: real estate at 9 Kuldīgas Street, auxiliary production buildings at Lacplesa Street 5, where warehouses, repair workshops and other real estate that are necessary for the construction process are located.
Average number of employees in the company: 85 people, including 7 ÷ 10 engineering workers.